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Cerebral palsy, whether mild or more serious, can have a significant impact on a person’s life. If your child has been left with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence during their birth, claiming compensation can be essential to help them get the support they need, allow them to live independently and have the best possible quality of life.

Our highly experienced team of medical negligence lawyers have decades of experience helping families to secure compensation for cerebral palsy. We regularly achieve success in cerebral palsy compensation claims ranging from thousands to millions of pounds.

By taking a warm, compassionate approach focused on your family and your needs, combined with a strong focus on non-confrontational dispute resolution, we are often able to secure settlements quickly and cost-effectively while allowing you to avoid the need to attend a court trial.

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How we can help you with your cerebral palsy compensation claim


Thanks to our decades of experience with birth injury claims, we can guide you through the entire claims process clearly and confidently, making it as simple and stress-free as possible for you, while ensuring you have the strongest chance of achieving a fair settlement.

The claims process typically involves a number of stages:

Initial appointment with our team – We will go through the basic details of your case with you, including what mistakes you believe were made during your child’s birth and the impact on their health. We will then be able to give you an idea of whether we think you are likely to have a strong claim for medical negligence.

Building your case – We will then start collecting evidence to support your claim. This typically includes applying for medical records, obtaining witness statements and having your child examined by independent medical experts.

Sending a letter of claim – Once the facts of the case are clear, we will contact the defendant (usually the NHS trust responsible for the hospital where the birth took place). The claim letter we send will set out the details of the medical negligence alleged to have occurred, the impact on your child and the level of compensation we are seeking for you. It can often take up to 12 months to reach this stage.

The defendant’s response – The defendant is required to respond to our letter of claim within 4 months. At this stage they will either accept full or partial liability and offer a financial settlement, or deny responsibility.

Issuing court proceedings – If the defendant denies responsibility or does not offer a sufficient settlement, we can then issue court proceedings on your behalf to take the claim further. The defendant will be given 28 days to respond and the court will then set a hearing date, usually around 18 months from when proceedings are initiated.

It is important to note that while issuing court proceedings is an essential step, it is rare that you will actually need to attend a hearing as most claims that reach this stage can be resolved with a pre-trial settlement.

Settlement negotiations – We have a very strong track record of negotiating pre-trial settlements and will explore every potential avenue to do so if your claim reaches this stage.

Trial by judge – In the unlikely event your claim does end up in court, we will ensure you have the very best representation, as well as all of the help and support you need to deal with the hearing.


Common questions about cerebral palsy claims


What is the time limit for cerebral palsy compensation claims?

If your child has been left with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence before, during or immediately after their birth, you will normally have until their 18th birthday to make a compensation claim for them. If you do not make a claim before your child turns 18, they will then have a further 3 years to make a claim on their own behalf.

However, if your child has been left without the capacity to bring a claim themselves, e.g. because the brain damage they suffered has left them with serious learning difficulties, there is no time limit for you to make a claim for them.


How does medical negligence at birth cause cerebral palsy?

While in most cases cerebral palsy is the result of abnormal brain development in the baby before birth, around 1 in 10 cases are the result of damage to the brain during or immediately after birth.

This can be the result of trauma to the head e.g. from the use of forceps, but is mostly commonly due to the baby’s oxygen being cut off or disrupted e.g. due to a large drop in the mother’s blood pressure or the child spending too long in the birth canal. This is known as birth asphyxia.

Doctors and midwives are trained to know the warning signs for these issues, so should take appropriate action promptly if your baby is at risk of birth asphyxia. They should also known when and how to use birth assistance tools properly and when to stage a medical intervention, such as a caesarean section, to protect the health of your baby.

If the medical professionals handling your child’s birth do not take the right actions at the right time, or make other errors, and your child is left with brain damage as a result, this is likely to be classed as medical negligence and you may be able to make a compensation claim.


How much compensation can you receive for cerebral palsy?

Compensation for cerebral palsy will usually be required to cover your child’s needs for their entire lifetime. As a result, the damages you can receive often run into millions of pounds.

The exact amount we can secure as a settlement will depend on how serious the injury to your child was and the level of negligence by the birth team. With cerebral palsy cases, the extent of the impact on a child is often not clear until they are older, so we will ensure this is taken into account when planning your claim.


Our expertise in cerebral palsy claims


Our birth injury team, headed by Diane Rostron, has a strong track record of success with cerebral palsy compensation claims, including securing multi-million pound settlements under the most challenging circumstances.

We offer a warm, empathetic approach, backed by exceptional legal expertise and more than 25 years of legal experience. Our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to secure fair compensation so your child gets all the help and support they need to live a full, happy life.

With established links to a wide range of professionals, including medical, psychological, administrative, technological and logistical experts, we can often process claims faster than many of our competitors, helping to resolve your claim sooner.

Our team offers more than just a legal service for individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy. As well as guiding you through the entire process of claiming compensation for cerebral palsy, we can also help you access the support you need from your local authority and arrange specialist equipment, accommodation and therapies.

We are accredited for Clinical Negligence by the Law Society in recognition of our particular skill and expertise in this area and regulated by the Solicitors Regular Authority (SRA) ensuring we continually meet the highest legal standards.


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